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Gay porn stars Wesley Woods is getting married, Michael DelRay is his new roommate. Wesley has promised to do anything for him, but Michael is only interested in daddies. What’s the solution? The answer is simple: Wesley needs to be married, thus giving Michael a stepmom and making horny hunk, Wesley, his ‘homo daddy.’ That’s going to work, surely? It works for the new wife who’s more than happy, after showing the boys her ring, to let Wesley take Michael’s ring in every conceivable position.

That’s the rough outline of the latest offering from, ‘Anatomy of a Gay Men Scene part three.’ The other parts are there on the site and easy to find, and each one is a hot hardcore fuck-fest with top, models. Wesley is a brown-eyed, black-haired hunk with a few tats, one of which, in Greek, reads ‘I love.’ He’s also versatile though take the top role in this movie, and he does that with his impressive eight-inch dick. Michael is also a versatile top with an 8.5-inch dick that flops and flaps against his muscled body when the real hardcore humping gets underway. It does that after the new Mrs Woods has left the happier couple to get on with it, and the porn section starts up after a fun, five-minute section of scene-setting.

Great gay men porn

As usual for this adult porn site , everything is expertly filmed. The fuck scene starts with kissing as the two rugged guys start to get it on before getting their clothes off, and that leads to a good, long suck session that melds into rimming, missionary position fucking, cowboy, doggy and spoon before Michael shoots his load up to his chest, and Wesley Woods busts his nuts over Michael DelRay’s ploughed ass.

It’s fun, it’s very noisy, and it’s definitely erotic, and has a bareback session that’s one of the most passionate to come out of the studios this month. It’s also been released through their Drill My Hole channel, one of eight that you get with you your well-priced membership. More gay porn here