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Gay porn stars Wesley Woods is getting married, Michael DelRay is his new roommate. Wesley has promised to do anything for him, but Michael is only interested in daddies. What’s the solution? The answer is simple: Wesley needs to be married, thus giving Michael a stepmom and making horny hunk, Wesley, his ‘homo daddy.’ That’s going to work, surely? It works for the new wife who’s more than happy, after showing the boys her ring, to let Wesley take Michael’s ring in every conceivable position.

That’s the rough outline of the latest offering from, ‘Anatomy of a Gay Men Scene part three.’ The other parts are there on the site and easy to find, and each one is a hot hardcore fuck-fest with top, models. Wesley is a brown-eyed, black-haired hunk with a few tats, one of which, in Greek, reads ‘I love.’ He’s also versatile though take the top role in this movie, and he does that with his impressive eight-inch dick. Michael is also a versatile top with an 8.5-inch dick that flops and flaps against his muscled body when the real hardcore humping gets underway. It does that after the new Mrs Woods has left the happier couple to get on with it, and the porn section starts up after a fun, five-minute section of scene-setting.

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As usual for this adult porn site , everything is expertly filmed. The fuck scene starts with kissing as the two rugged guys start to get it on before getting their clothes off, and that leads to a good, long suck session that melds into rimming, missionary position fucking, cowboy, doggy and spoon before Michael shoots his load up to his chest, and Wesley Woods busts his nuts over Michael DelRay’s ploughed ass.

It’s fun, it’s very noisy, and it’s definitely erotic, and has a bareback session that’s one of the most passionate to come out of the studios this month. It’s also been released through their Drill My Hole channel, one of eight that you get with you your well-priced membership. More gay porn here

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In this fantastic episodes, drill my hole on took a different turn. The actors dived down into A deep, dark world of bondage and leather. This episode stars two of your favorite and also top exclusive models, namely Johnny Rapid and Jimmy Fanz.

This Rapid’sfirst ever leather scene. He had never taken this path before because his ex-boyfriend was always against it and now that they are no longer together, he is free to experiment and try out all the sexcapades he has ever fantasized for in the past. For the first time, he clads a small pair of leather shots and vests and walks down the dungeon. First he walks around and notices a few men standing there stroking their hard corks and waiting for some elusiveaction. Being his first time in this dungeon Johnny is quite wowed but is reluctant when they ask him to go down on them. Fortunately, that uncomfortable moment does not have to last long because he spots Fanz Jimmy standing next to a giant silver chain cobweb with his leather harness waiting for him.

Even though he likes what he sees, he is a little shy because all the other guys are watching him seductively waiting to see his next move. Fortunately, Jimmy comes to his rescue by signaling the other guys to leave the room. In this dungeon Johnny Rapidleaves his word behind and ventures into an entirely new one by taking off his shirt and wearing Jimmy’s leather harness and leaves his huge Dhanging in between his legs. He then stands with his back against the giant web and Fanzimmediately goes on his knees and begins sucking himuntil he feels his balls packed wit creamy cum waiting to burst out any moment from now and his cock is rock hard.

Johnny Rapid then climbs on the silver chain web and holds on to them leaving his body suspended in a sexy forty-five degrees angle where again, Jimmie goes down again and gives him one hell of a blow job while stroking and rubbing all his sensitive areas. His once forbidden fantasies now become a reality, and his groans of passion are all that can be heard in this room.

Fanz continues to tease him with gentle strokes. Later he sits on a leather horse, and Johnny Rapidsucks his cockfor a while and then takes another step into his fantasies by pushing his huge D, in Jimmy’s tight asshole. He talks dirty to him and continues to screw in different stimulating positions. Finally, they get down to missionary and Fanz can feel his toes curl with pleasure. He continues to stroke his rock hard cork and that makes him cumon his hot hairy body. Johnny Rapid then takes the role of the master and tells him to go on his knees as his sticky hot mess gushes out and splashes all over Jimmy’s hard chest.

He is one of exclusive models and boasts having more than a hundred hardcore movies to his name. In fact, he is the longest standing of elite stars on this site, and his massive Twitter following is something to fuss about.It’s difficult to believe that he is straight in real life. He has also stared in other hardcore movies for other gay companies. He also boasts an excellent physique and stands at five feet with a seven and a half inch cut cockwhich is an envy of many men. Johnny Rapid has brown eyes and hair and weighs about 135 pounds. What a man!! click here for more

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‘Partners Part 1’ is the first episode in series of gay male porno videos by the award-winning network This first movie stars Ashton McKay, and all exclusive star to this adult gay paysite, Will Braun, and it has been released by Drill My Hole.

Drill My Hole is just one of the best gay porn sites that makes up Men dot com, and this site is mainly about young, eager bottoms getting their assholes dominated by horny tops. It’s all about hot gay male sex shown in HD with great sound, and has some of the best Pornstars around such as Johnny Rapid, Diego Sans and Colby Keller, just to mention a few.

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Ashton McKay is a hot looking young man with a smooth chest and a couple of tattoos. He is a six foot two-inch tall hunk with brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is a versatile top with a seven-inch cut dick that is always rock hard and ready for action.
Ashton has starred in 12 hardcore movies for so far, and he is the main man in another series called ‘Reverse Peeping Tom’ alongside Brad Banks, Jake Ashford and Scott Riley.

Will Braun is an all exclusive star to, and he first got into the gay male sex porn industry by asking people online what would they like him to do live on cam. Will is a sweet young guy with that intelligent college boy look and a twinkle in his eyes. He is five feet six inches tall with dark brown hair, innocent looking blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cut cock and a juicy tight asshole that everyone wants a bit of.
will braun

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Partners Part 1 starts off with Will Braun and Ashton McKay sitting on the couch getting interviewed next to each other. They are asked what they like in a horny gay man, and as Ashton says that he likes smaller guys with a nice ass that like to be dominated, Will smiles and says that he likes taller guys who like to dominate him. Both Ashton and Will smile coyly at each other. Ashton shows off his muscles as being the best part of him, and Will shows off his cute tight ass and says that is the best thing about him. Neither of these guys have had sex with other each other before, and Ashton can’t wait to get his hard dick deep inside Will’s hairy hole.

As Will and Ashton stand up, it is like looking at a gay porn movie in HD as there is such a huge difference in their sizes. They look at each other still smiling, and as they move closer, their lips meet, and they begin kissing.

The sound is so good that you can hear their heavy breathing as their hands caress each other’s hot and hard bodies. Ashton takes charge as he strips them naked, and then, as he sits down on the couch, he gets Will to straddle his lap and lean back with his hands on the floor. With Will’s legs either side of his hips, Ashton leans forward as he takes Will’s cock between his wet lips and starts to suck his beautiful hard dick. Ashton spits on his dick, strokes it up and down, and after licking and sucking his balls, he goes back to sucking and deep throating Will’s dick which pulsates in his mouth with sheer pleasure.

Ashton gets Will on his knees as he gets him to return the favour by sucking on his excited erection for a while. Will’s cock sucking is so good that Ashton has to stop him sucking his dick before he shoots his load too early. He gets Will on his back on the couch, and Will pulls his knees up to his chest, his beautiful sweet gay male ass on full view for everyone to see. The camera gets in close, and Ashton licks his asshole as he gets it primed and ready for some serious gay ass fucking.

With Will still on his back, Ashton aims his dick right against Will’s puckered up hole, and drives it all the way in up to his full and heavy balls. They fuck like crazy for about ten minutes, and as Will Braun gets fucked doggy style, Ashton McKay pulls his dick out and shoots his cum all over Will’s back and ass. With cum dribbling down the back of his ass and down his thighs, Will then spurts his thick creamy hot cum over Ashton’s muscular chest.

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Partners Part 1 is full of cock sucking, ass eating and hardcore gay male sex that will soon have your own cock pulsating to their same beat. Forget those free gay sex tubes where you can only watch a two-minute clip of man to man sex, join this free gay porno site, and watch the full-length tube videos in HD so that you can get what you really want for a change.

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William Seed from is a great looking guy with a swimmers body that is covered in tattoos and hair. He’s a fine face and in the moment he’s a designer blossom, but he occasionally shaves that off based on what job he’s doing. He’s an excellent entertainer in and outside of pornography and always appears to be busy. He’s a tough worker, and if he is not doing pornography perform, he’s a stripper and a photographer at the clubs of New York where he’s a major group of fans who like to follow him around.

He Has brownish hair, beautiful blue eyes and he’s a versatile butt using a seven and a half inch uncut penis.
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One He’s got a weakness for food and as a consequence of his occupation he understands he needs to be cautious, but a couple of hours at the gym appears to eliminate those naughty but nice tit-bits.

William Seed First began in pornography from march 2013 with Cockyboys afterwards he delivered his photograph into a couple areas; they had been the first individuals to return to him. He had been known as ‘Go Proceed’ afterward but mercifully changed his title.

William Seed Is a sensible young guy that has a fantastic head on his shoulders and that he adores the pornography market. In reality, he enjoys everything he says and does that he has no time for regrets. He’s ‘outside’ to his loved ones and friends, and even though his family fret about him in his chosen career, he’s safe. He does not conduct barebacking, it is not that he looks down his nose in other porn stars performing, it is not for him which can be great, particularly when he works to get

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What He enjoys most on earth are ‘Daddy’ characters such as Jesse Jackman and Rafael Alencar, or perhaps he simply wants Rafael’s enormous thick twenty five and a half of penis pushed between his firm buttocks, and rammed deep within his tight tight asshole.

William Seed Did celebrity with a single great dad for, which has been Colby Jansen (an all exclusive celebrity to the best men pornstars website in the world today ).

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I Could not take off my mind from the idea of my boss for the remainder of the week and that I had been anticipating the weekend. My gay boss, who’s drop dead beautiful, all of a sudden asked me to work on Friday night telling me he had a particular thing that he desired me to operate on. I was not surprised however, as it is a frequent thing to happen.

As I walked to his office, he also advised me to sit alongside him because he wished to show me something. This was the exact same sex film I’d watched on the homosexual tube before that week.

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